Why live in a Bus?

I’ve always been interested in living a different kind of life. Living in a bus allows me to focus on things that are important to me. I have less space and more time than ever before.

Staying on Bird makes it easy to track my impact on the planet. I currently have 200AH of stored electricity, 27 Gallons of fresh water, and 5 Gallons of Propane at at time. Keeping my numbers simple in this way enables me to track my consumption over time, and make adjustments based on what I think is realistic. 

My deepest hope for this project is that it will be able to inspire others to make their own life for themselves despite what's normal. Learning the skills that I needed from my Dad, and then translating them into a completed project has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. On the tail end of my first conversion, I absolutely cannot wait to get started creating another one!


Instagram: @birdthebus